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The Craft: Food & Beers

The Craft: Food & Beers

Ascend from the depths of Europe's deepest metro station and you'll find yourself standing at the top of Prague's historical Náměstí Míru, which translates nicely to Peace Square. Situated in Vinohrady district (Prague 2), its most prominent feature is the neo-Gothic style Church of St. Ludmila, constructed in 1888. 

During the day, Peace Square is a throng of busy Prague-ians hustling to catch their trams or meet for a quick business lunch at staples like Bruxx or Vinohradský Parlament But as soon as the sun goes down, the neighborhood's hectic pace slows to dull roar, and locals, expats and tourists alike come together to break bread and enjoy some of Prague's finest brews. 

The Beer:

New kid on the block, The Craft: Food & Beers, recently opened its doors only steps away from St. Ludmila, offering 6 rotating taps of local craft beers and a small selection of gourmet burger, hot wings, homemade sauces and other pub snacks. Thirsty for something strong and bitter, I went with the Pivovar Děčín Polotmava IPA 13°. Brewing beer since the early 1700's, Děčín's Indian Pale Ale was inspired by traditional Polotmavý beer, which is an amber lager style unique to the Czech Republic. The result? A rich, malty taste with a mild bitterness (compared to other IPAs I've had). Served on a charming ceramic coaster and topped with a white, foamy head and sweet floral aroma, the hazy amber IPA was a refreshing choice to start the evening. 

Other Beers Worth Trying: Pivovar Matuška Stout 16°, Pivovar Kunratice Red Ale 13°, Pivovar Děčín Světlý Ležák 11° 

The Food:

Never one to turn down a juicy burger, The Craft Burger fulfilled all of my carnivorous needs. Made from locally sourced beef and served on a wooden, crate-like tray with a basket of seasoned fries and homemade tartar sauce (and complimentary ketchup, a rarity in Prague), it was a decent portion that left just enough room for the most important thing- more beer.  

The Vibe:

As far as the "vibe" goes, The Craft has the potential to be Vinohrady's new expat and local hot spot. Its urban-infused interior and attention to detail creates a hip, relaxed atmosphere without trying too hard. Basically, no man-buns necessary to enjoy a good beer with good company. 


  • Location: Namesti Miru, Vinohrady, Prague 2
  • Style: Brew Pub/Restaurant 
  • Specialties: Craft Beer & Gourmet Burgers 
  • Favorite Beer: Pivovar Děčín Polotmava IPA 13° (rotating tap- subject to change)
  • Favorite Food: The Craft Burger 
  • Price: $$

Cheers! Na zdraví!

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