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Barcelona, Spain: Craft Beer & Travel Guide

Barcelona, Spain: Craft Beer & Travel Guide

Beautiful, Barcelona. The capital of Catalonia and the 12th most visited city in 2017 with an astounding 8.9 million international visitors. That's more than Rome, Amsterdam or LA. Needless to say, despite its strong, rich, local culture, Barcelona has very much, in many ways, become a touristy city. At least at first glance. People line the streets for hours for a chance to peek inside the abstract and stunning Basílica de la Sagrada Família and a steady flow of taxis and buses shuttle tourists to The Park Güell and the beach. Not that I blame them. However, one of the many beauties of the craft beer scene, which is thriving in Barcelona, is that it can help you scratch the surface of any city- no matter how many fanny packs you see.

I'm going to keep this beer guide light and simple and highlight my "discoveries". Check out the bottom for more recommendations! Cheers!


Garage Beer Co.

Garage Beer Co. is located smack dab in the center of Barcelona is pumping out some pretty incredible beers. Lots of super hoppy and juicy IPAs, including the Soup IPA pictured below.


BierCaB is a modern gastronomic and brewing space with 30 taps carrying beers from all around the world, including some pretty insane Belgians. Sticking to my theme of local cervesa, I went with the Combo New England IPA from SOMA Beer

And shoutout to the super nice American couple I chatted with at the bar! In case you ever stumble upon this. 


NaparBcn is an eclectic brew pub and restaurant in the Eixample neighborhood. The brewery, NaparBier, was founded in 2009 and is located in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain. I was super impressed with their fresh, crisp Hefeweizen

CocoVail Beer Hall

If you're looking for something a bit more touristy with a large selection (24 taps) of Spanish and international beer, check out CocoVail Beer Hall. The American/University themed pub is not exactly my cup of tea, but the service was super friendly and I'm sure it would make for a fun night. 

I tried the Hoptimista IPA from Edge Brewing.


ØlgodKælderkold are two Danish inspired beer pubs in the center of the city. Ølgod is a bit more inviting with 30 taps, full menu and a shabby chic sitting area that reminds you a bit of someone's living room. Kælderkold, on the other hand, is a bit smaller and stripped down with 17 taps and a small lit of tapas. 

At Ølgod I recommend the Tangerine Skies IPA from Edge Brewing and at Kælderkold the La Pirata Double IPA from Cerveses La Pirata.

Other Craft Beer Bars/Breweries To Check Out: 



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