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The Pivo Project 2017: Bonusprint Review

The Pivo Project 2017: Bonusprint Review

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

In the age of the smartphone, the possibility to take quality photos is literally at our fingertips. And thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, we all consider ourselves amateur photographers.

But how often have those photos from your Italian vacation or grandma’s 80th birthday got forgotten or lost in the Cloud? Or, even worse, how often have you scrolled through your photos until your thumb nearly fell off only to realize you deleted what you were looking for?

Don’t sweat it, we’ve all been there.


Starting A Blog

Nearly three years ago, I moved abroad to Europe and began taking more photos than ever before. Around the beginning of 2017, I finally decided to combine my love of photography and craft beer. Shortly thereafter, my blog, ThePivoProject.com, was born.

Needless to say, I quickly accumulated quite the collection of photos. The problem was, my system for saving and managing my photos was practically nonexistent. And to be honest, it wasn’t a big deal until I wanted to look back and reflect on everything I’d accomplished and experienced during the past twelve months.

Soon I started thinking about the old family photo albums I used to beg my mom to dig up and spent hours looking through. How nice would it be to consolidate and organize all of my great photos and memories into a single place?

That’s when I heard about www.bonusprint.co.uk/photo-books


Creating A Photo Album With Bonusprint

Bonusprint is a website that allows you to design your very own custom photo albums, calendars, wall art, personalized cards and gifts all at the click of a mouse.

I’d used similar sites before but had always abandoned my projects for one reason or another. Either the site didn’t offer enough structure from start or finish, or the end product simply didn’t seem worth the price.  However, I am happy to say this experience did not end the same.

The Good

First things first, Bonusprint is extremely user-friendly and can be accessed via desktop, tablet or smartphone. For the average consumer, one of the most daunting parts of creating an online photo album is figuring out where to begin. What I immediately liked about Bonusprint was that I had the option to build my album from scratch or use a pre-designed photo books. I decided to work from the ground up, but found a lot of excellent ideas from the inspiration gallery, which is organized by event or occasion. I was also able to choose the size and shape of my album and had the secondary option to add a photo cover (which I did) and a lay flat photo book (which I did not).

As for the actual process, I was surprised by how much fun I had! I dedicated each of the 24 pages to a different craft beer bar, brewery, festival or holiday in chronological order. Though there was the option to add more pages (£0.25 per page), I found two dozen to be more than enough. I also had fun creating custom backgrounds, adding text and overlapping and sizing photos to construct the perfect layout. Another great feature was the preview mode, which allowed me to get a bird’s-eye view of the album.

IMG_4784 (1).JPG

The Bad

Despite how easy to use Bonusprint is, the biggest downside of creating an online photo album is the amount of time it takes. No matter how convenient and straightforward all of the features were, I still had to sift through hundreds of photos in order to find ones worthy of uploading.

Fortunately, Bonusprint allows you to save your current projects and return to them at any time. From start to finish my photo album took me about ten days (working on and off) to complete.

One other drawback was the extra fee to add a cover photo. I seriously considered leaving it empty to avoid paying an extra £ 5 but felt like the album would be missing something. I would have just preferred to have the option included in the total cost from the start. 

*Shipping was also extra.

A Year To Remember

After placing my order, I received my custom photo album within about 4-5 working days. When it arrived, I was totally over the moon with the result. All of the photos were crisp and vibrant (no graininess) and each page seemed to bring my memories of 2017 back to life.

While there may be cheaper options on the market, with Bonusprint you pay for and can expect excellent resolution and quality. In addition, I have yet to find another site that is as simple to use while offering a huge selection of creative options.

If you’re ready to stop scrolling through your photos and start making sure your memories last a lifetime, I highly recommend giving Bonusprint a try.

Cheers & Happy New Year!

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