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Two beer, or not two beer: that is the question.
— William Shakesbeer

What's the hardest part about being a beer blogger you ask? Choosing which beer to drink of course...and trying to fit in my jeans.

With 22 beers on tap and over 100 domestic and imported bottles, NUBEERBAR is my best worst nightmare. Located in Prague 2, NUBEERBAR is one of many craft beer joints popping up all over Vinohrady. So what sets it apart from the rest?  

The Beer

Let me begin by saying that I've never met a beer I didn't like. Ok, that's not true. But what is true is that NUBEERBAR has a totally kickass selection of Czech brews and I'm hard-pressed to believe it's possible to make a "bad" choice. They also have a ton of IPAs and APAs (bonus points!) After several grueling minutes of deliberation I decided to go with the Zichovec Session IPA 11° (4.7% ABV). Beer Fun Fact: By definition, a Session IPA combines the hoppiness of a traditional IPA with the lower alcohol content of a Session. 

As far as IPAs go, it was very light, fresh and drinkable. With a slight bitterness and citrusy flavor, Zichovec makes an excellent summer beer. Meanwhile, my partner in crime enjoyed one of my personal favorites: Pivovar Matuška's California America Pale Ale 12° (5.3% ABV ).

For fellow indecisive beer geeks, NUBEERBAR lets you create a custom flight of 6 beers from the tap. We went with: Pivovar Antoš Admirál Nelson Single Hop AleMordýř Kurtizána IPA, Zichovec Smoked Ale, Permon Sherpa IPAKrkonošský Medvěd ChocaCola Stout, Raven Liberation Ale (IPA).

The ChocaCola Stout was amazing, as was the Raven Liberation IPA.

The Food

I didn't try anything from the menu, but NUBEERBAR has a nice selection of beer snacks including Beef Jerky, Cheesy Nachos and Grilled "jalapeno" Tortillas with ham and cheese. YUM! 

The Vibe

NUBEERBAR is modern, clean and offers both indoor and outdoor seating for summer nights. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly, willing to help you make the right selection. 


  • Location: Balbínova 529/1 -Vinohrady Prague, Czech Republic 120 00
  • Style: Craft Beer Pub 
  • Specialties: 22 Craft Beers on tap, 100+ Foreign and Domestic Bottled Beer 
  • Favorite Beer: Raven Liberation Ale (IPA).
  • Favorite Food: Did not try anything, sadly. 
  • Price: $$

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