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Based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Sluneční Terasa T-Anker

Sluneční Terasa T-Anker

Do you have a thing for gorgeous views and delicious beer? If you have half a heart and functioning taste buds, then the answer is yes. Located smack dab in the center of Prague, Sluneční terasa T-Anker serves up some excellent craft beer and a cityscape that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

After finding the "lift to heaven" (aka: an elevator next to the Kotva Department Store at Náměstí Republiky) you will ascend to beer paradise and drink to the tune of angels singing. Ok not really, but I imagine the experience would be similar. 

The Beer

Although T-Anker doesn't advertise itself as a "craft beer" bar, they work hard to support local Czech microbreweries and offer 9 regularly rotating beers on tap along with a large selection of bottled imports. I tend to lean toward the more bitter, hoppy beers, but on this particular day the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and I desperately wanted something crisp and refreshing. Aside from IPA's, my absolute favorite style of beer is a German Hefeweizen. Weizenbier or "Weizen" is German for "wheat". "Hefe" is the German word for yeast, which is added to indicate that the beer is unfiltered and may contain some sediment. And that is your German lesson for the day. Any questions? No? Good. 

To my delight, the Maisel’s Weisse Original brewed by Bayreuther Bierbrauerei AG was on draft. Made according to the "old Bavarian style", Maisel's Weisse is the perfect blend of fresh fruity flavors, like banana, and a slight tartness. Basically the perfect rooftop, day drinking beer. Or anytime for that matter. 

Other noteworthy beers include the Permon Sherpa IPA, Ostrava's Hoppy Dog Hopium IPA, and T-Ankers very own T-Anker lager.

The Vibe

T-Anker, although a bit hidden, is still a popular tourist spot, and rightfully so. The panoramic views of Old Town Prague from the terrace are absolutely stunning and the atmosphere is undeniable. I mean come on. Who wouldn't want to sit back and have a cold one while looking over the most beautiful city in Europe? I highly recommend visiting if you are a local, or just passing through.

T-Anker also has a bright, spacious dining room for indoor seating (and freak thunderstorms as I experienced) and the staff is super friendly and welcoming- a rarity at times in Prague. Overall, it was an awesome afternoon full of great beer, great company, and even greater views.  


  • Location: Kotva - 5th Floor, náměstí Republiky 656/8 110 00 Praha 1
  • Style: Restaurant + Terrace  
  • Specialties: 9 Local Craft Beers on tap, 60+ Foreign and Domestic Bottled Beer 
  • Favorite Beer: Maisel’s Weisse Original
  • Favorite Food: Did not try anything, but check out their menu here: YUM!
  • Price: $$

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Cheers! Na Zdraví! 

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