Gastropub 20PIP- Prague


What's craft beer anyway? If you ask 100 people you will get 100 different answers. Frankly, the definition is rather subjective (even by industry standards) and often comes down to personal experience and opinion. So in my humble opinion, craft beer is about the product. To further explain, I will use my simple burger analogy.  

20 PIP Prague

I love a good McDonalds burger. It's cheap, relatively satisfying and serves its purpose. It is also mass-produced and tastes the same in literally every country you travel to. Decent enough? Yes. Exploding my taste buds and providing me with a unique experience? No. When I really want total burger satisfaction, I opt for a gourmet burger made from locally sourced beef with fresh vegetables, homemade sauces and toasted buns the size of my face. So in other words, for me, craft beer is total beer satisfaction.

In pursuit of total beer satisfaction, 20 PIP Craft Beer Pub was the first local watering hole I discovered that was explicitly advertising and serving craft beer. Located at Náměstí Míru (Vinohrady- Prague 2), 20 PIP is fitted with 21 taps offering beer from various Czech breweries.

 Gastropub 20PIP at Namesti Miru, Prague 2

Gastropub 20PIP at Namesti Miru, Prague 2

Worn and weary from a long week, during my latest visit I went with the Matuška- Raptor IPA 15°. Quick beer lesson: IPAs or Indian Pale Ales are part of the Pale Ale family and are known for their hoppy flavor. In the United States, IPAs are often distinguished between East Coast and West Coast. Like Biggie and Tupac. East Coast IPAs tend to use more Europeans hops and have a stronger malt presence, which balances the intensity of the hops. West Coast IPAs are traditionally "hoppier", largely in part to their proximity to hop fields in the Pacific Northwest.

The deep, golden Matuška- Raptor IPA 15° is a moderately bitter, slightly malty beer with caramel and fruity notes. Using an international blend of Czech and American hops, The Raptor's medium-full body makes for a very drinkable IPA.

Complete with two levels of seating, 20 PIP is great for a romantic date night with your beer-lover, or a night out with a group of friends. It's a cozy bar was a lot of quirky photos, posters and an entire wall covered in coasters from various pubs and breweries. The staff is extremely friendly (A+) and are always willing to offer recommendations!