Czech Beer Festival 2017 & KRYMSKA Festival- Prague

Friday: Český pivní festival 2017

Back again for another year, Český pivní festival returns to Letenská pláň for 17 days of booze-fueled fun. Organized by badass Czech beer blogger Šárka pije pivo, Český pivní festival features over 40 different local breweries representing some of the Czech Republic's finest, micro brews. In addition, are a slew of street food style vendors, gourmet snacks, traditional Czech dishes, Czech wines, cocktails and a variety of live music performed daily. For only 100kc you have access to all 17 days of the festival (May 11th-27th) and believe me, it's worth every penny...I mean koruna. You can either sit inside under the large beer tents (think Oktoberfest) or outside in the beer garden to work on your tan while sipping some liquid gold.

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Czech Beer Festival 2017

My first beer was a White IPA 15° from Pivovar Raven . Now, I'll be honest; I had no idea what a White IPA was. I figured it was some sort of hybrid but I could not pinpoint the second style. After getting home I did a little research and found that White IPAs are actually the love child of the Belgian Witbier and the India Pale Ale. In hindsight it makes sense. Raven's White IPA 15° combines a light, sweet wheat body with a bit of a citrus bite at the end. It was very refreshing and drinkable for a hot day.

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If you have ever been to a beer festival before, then you know it's a little bit like being a kid in a candy shop. At least for me. I want to try everything and I want it now! I don't advise you do this.

Other beers I managed to try were the 12° Krčín Lager Classic from Brewery Sedlčanský Krčín , Rodinný pivovar Zichovec's Session IPA 11°(my favorite) and Castle Brewery Frydlant's Katherine Albrecht 12° Dark Lager.

  Český pivní festival 2017

Český pivní festival 2017


Each year, hipster central Krymská Street (Prague 10) is home to the largest one-day street fair in Prague. Put together each year by local businesses, this Czech jubilee is loaded with tons of mouthwatering street food from food trucks and local restaurants, fashion and craft vendors, Czech brews and wines, and live music. You could easily spend a few hours walking up and down the cobblestone street deciding which food to stuff your face with, or relax and people watch from the sidelines while drinking a cold one.

Krymska Street Festival 2017

Overlooking the crowds from the top of Krymská is Bad Flash Bar-Krymská . For the annual street festival, Bad Flash set up a stand offering several of their own creations from Flying Brewery Bad Flash as well as other Czech microbreweries. In the bar, you can find 12 regularly rotating taps as well as a great bottle selection.

 Krysmka Annual Street Festival 2017

Krysmka Annual Street Festival 2017

I tried the Bad Flash White Beauty, a delicious, light Witbier with a pleasant floral aroma and hints of citrus, coriander, and wheat. For my second round, I tried a Bad Flash Bikini Ale (Session IPA) brewed at Pivovar Muflon. It was a medium bodied, moderately bitter brew with notes of citrus and light orange. Very enjoyable.