Pivovar Luziny- Prague

Pivovar Luziny

Hey Beer Lovers! I'm stoked to announce that together with Prague.tv, I will be bringing you an ALL NEW video series highlighting the Czech beer scene.

In our first video, we pay a visit to Pivovar Lužiny in Prague 13. To say that Lužiny is "a bit off the beaten path" is an understatement. Tucked away at the rear of a metro station and shopping mall, and surrounded by a mountain of Panelák style apartment buildings, Pivovar Lužiny is not your average city-slicker pub. That being said, I don't think pretentious beer geeks are the sort of folk they are trying to attract anyway.

Founded in 2008, Pivovar Lužiny takes a no bullshit approach to brewing and serves up a small but strong selection of beer. From a classic light lager to a semi-dark Belgian ale and 6.1% Hard Rock Pale Ale ominously dubbed the "Beerstriker", they have something to please everyone.

Rock On, Lužiny!