Roesel Beer And Cake- Prague

Roesel Beer And Cake

Beer and pizza. Beer and French fries. Beer and a burger. Beer and cake? No, that's not a typo folks. But before you write off the idea of a sweet, delicious piece of dessert and a bitter, aromatic IPA (for example), please hear me out.

Located only steps away from Charles Bridge and one of the busiest (and most touristy) streets in Prague, Roesel Beer & Cake is quite literally a hidden gem. If you don't know what you're looking for, there's a good chance you'll walk right by.

Roesel Beer And Cake

Roesel doesn't offer a huge selection, but what they lack in quantity the certainly make up for in quality. During my visit they had two beers on draft from Pivovar Clock: Clock 12° American Pale Ale (APA) and Clock Hector 10°. The APA was a beautiful, golden color with tropical aroma. Its strong bitterness balanced well with the fruity and malty flavor. A nice beer to have on draft for summer. Surprisingly (because I do love my APAs), I preferred the Clock Hector 10°, a light draft, which I paired with my cake. Its light floral and herbal scent was a nice take on the traditional Czech lager. It was extremely drinkable and refreshing.

They also offer a small selection of bottled beers.

Roesel offers a nice little selection of homemade dips and soups served with fresh bread, light snacks and an assortment freshly baked sweets. I had the tangy tzatziki dip with veggies My fellow Beer Geek had something similar to pulled pork (minus the BBQ). We also tried the house sausage with mustard and onion. It. Was. Awesome.


After the first round of beers and small plates, it was time for dessert. Besides my affinity for beer, I also suffer from a crippling sweet tooth. However, when I'm drinking craft beer or any alcohol for that matter, I tend to crave salty and savory over sweet (I think most people would agree). But I have to say, Roesel might be on to something. I opted for a piece of the traditional Czech Babovka, or bundt cake, with chocolate and banana and side of whipped cream. It was incredibly fresh and..."moist" (cringe) and had the perfect amount of sweetness- not too rich and full of flavor. I'm not sure if cake and beer pairing is a thing, but if I had to, I'd definitely recommend eating this bad boy along with the Clock Hector 10°.

Roesel Sign

Overall, Roesel Beer & Cake is a charming, little cafe that serves up some great beer and truly homemade dishes made with lots of love. If you find yourself in Prague or walking the streets of Malá Strana (Lesser Town), break away from the crowd and follow the arrows to your hoppy, sweet paradise.